Gary Barrett

Director of Sales & Facilities

Gary is the backbone of everything that happens here at Oakhaven.  Gary meets each bride and explains how Oakhaven can host a bride’s wedding and meet her dreams.  No one takes more care to ensure that the farm is in the best shape possible for every bride’s special day.  From coordinating normal day-to-day activities to orchestrating the smallest details for each event, Gary is instrumental in helping ensure that your experience here is a great one!

Jeanette Wagoner

Wedding Expert

My job is to make the process of planning a wedding a fun experience for each bride and groom. One of my greatest desires is to make this memorable time as free from stress as possible — not only the bride and groom — but also for mom! I have been the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, so I know both of those moms need a little help too!  I will be the person that assists with sending out and completing contracts, answering any questions, and handles all billing.  I also live up to my title, I am Oakhaven’s expert at answering your questions!

Bob Wagoner

Facility Custodian

Bob works to ensure the barn is prepared for each celebration.  He is on-site each Friday when families arrive.  He is excellent in assisting guests in checking in and knowing where they need to unpack to make Oakhaven their home for the weekend!

Patience Dibrell Ergish

CEO & Owner of Oakhaven Properties, LLC

For fifteen years, I have been in charge of operating a premier wedding venue known as Oakhaven.  I am so proud to present each family a place to celebrate the most special day in their life.  I work hard to supply all families with a quality and comfortable environment which even includes lodging.  My staff is hand-picked, professional, and the best in the industry, and will make your wedding an expression of your dreams.

Weekend Wedding Staff