Jeanette Wagoner

Wedding & Business Manager, Oakhaven’s Wedding Consultant

Jeanette is a pro!  She has been the mother of an Oakhaven bride, and she is our wedding specialist.  She has over 15 years of experience guiding brides through the process of having their wedding at Oakhaven.  Jeanette will assist you throughout the booking process and answer all questions concerning your wedding plans.  She handles all billing, and finalization of your wedding day requests.

Jeanette is also our on staff professional Wedding Consultant for Oakhaven.  She knows every inch of our property, and all the places to retrieve needed items, and she is very knowledgeable when it comes to the execution of your experience at Oakhaven, and she works tirelessly to fulfill your dreams!

“Jeanette is fantastic. She insists that you are happy and that everything runs like clockwork. Jeanette is very professional and informative. We were over the moon!”

— Phyllis K.

Elizabeth Hanks

Marketing & Social Media

You might call me Oakhaven’s social butterfly.  I am here, there and everywhere all over the property and on our social media.  You will find me with camera in hand clicking engaging and intimate shots that warm the hearts at our weddings and I also write Oakhaven’s social media pages.  I love to share the wonderful and happy moments that brides and grooms experience at our venue.

This January I published the first Blog on Oakhaven’s website. You will find interesting news and advice to anyone getting married and planning their wedding.  I will share with you the plans that work well and pitfalls to avoid. Please feel free to reach out to me through my email,  I love to know what is on your mind and I enjoy helping to make everyone’s wedding experience the best.

Gary Barrett

Chief Operating Officer of Oakhaven Properties

Gary is a face that you will see buzzing throughout the Venue with a fine tooth comb.  He expects every inch of ground you see to be as perfect as possible.  He is the kind of person when you meet, you feel like you have known all your life.  His role at Oakhaven is invaluable and his passion for his work is what he is known for.

Working at Oakhaven for 35 years, Gary Barrett is our Director of “all things” as we like to say! You may find Gary inspecting the grounds to make sure all is up to our standards and if you’re really lucky, he’ll come say hello and offer to bake you a sweet treat! 

“Gary, the venue manager, was so hospitable and down to earth.”

— Lindsay M.

Bob Wagoner

Facility Custodian

Bob works to ensure the barn is prepared for each celebration.  He is on-site each Friday when families arrive.  He is excellent in assisting guests in checking in and knowing where they need to unpack to make Oakhaven their home for the weekend!

Patience Dibrell Ergish

CEO & Owner of Oakhaven Properties, LLC

For fifteen years, I have been in charge of operating a premier wedding venue known as Oakhaven.  I am so proud to present each family a place to celebrate the most special day in their life.  I work hard to supply all families with a quality and comfortable environment which even includes lodging.  My staff is hand-picked, professional, and the best in the industry, and will make your wedding an expression of your dreams.