Cupids Touch on Your Wedding Day

Edited by Kailey Smith — February 1, 2024

 “Cupid’s aim is perfect; love is so worth it.” 

Weddings are all about love and romance, which makes it the perfect time to embrace the use of hearts, flowers, and grand romantic gestures. Here are some ideas for adding personal and romantic touches to your wedding day. 

Bridesmaids Colors: Have your girls wear red or pink. If you want to avoid matching, you can go with various hues of red or pink. 

Props: Include heart shaped props and accessories. Have your flower girls carry heart shaped wreaths and wear flower crowns. Incorporating heart shaped ballons or tossing real rose petals down the aisle. 

Live Music: Some of the best options to create a romantic atmosphere are piano, harps, string, or choir. Make it personal to what feels most intimate to you. 

Romantic Atmosphere: Your reception atmosphere is particularly important. You need to create an intimate atmosphere and there is nothing that compares to how romantic candlelight makes the scene look and feel. Opt for lots of candles, string lights and a warm low light setting. 

Intimate Ceremony Ideas: If you and your spouse have shared love notes or poems in the past, make them a part of your special day. Spread them out around your reception area for a cute touch, read one to each other in your vows to create some personalization. You could even take parts of them to make your table numbers. Have your guests pass out valentine’s day cards at your reception. We are celebrating love after all! 

Couple Time: Say yes to the sweetheart table. Making sure you get a special, intimate moment with your partner is important today, with your day being so fast paced, having many to dos that must get done, being able to have a romantic styled private dinner will be incredibly special.