Looking to Host the Perfect Wedding Reception?

Oakhaven’s experienced team tells you two Do’s and the One Definite No for your perfect wedding reception!

By Elizabeth Hanks — January 6, 2023


The first Do: Always have a seating chart

To have a seating chart may be the hardest part of your wedding planning.  In fact it could be your biggest wedding headache.  Thinking about who is sitting where, and who can’t sit there, is a task you think you can completely avoid.  Oakhaven’s advice is to tackle this job head first!

This job is especially critical the larger your wedding party becomes, as seating charts will control the chaos.  Reserving tables for your immediate family, closest friends and bridal party are essential!  As soon as your RSVPs come in, begin your planning.  Planning this part of your reception will also make sure your tables are full.  We know you do not want extra tables that sit empty because extra unfilled tables increase your wedding costs.  This money can be used on other wedding wants that will complete your dream.

Have your seating chart listed by alphabetical order and not by table numbers.  Guests can easily look for their last name and find their correct table.  This process speeds your guests getting to their tables and enjoying your cocktail hour!

Second Do:  Provide a Vendor Table

Providing a place that all your vendors with whom you have selectively chosen can sit to eat a meal will mean more than you can imagine.  It immediately means you value them for the services they have been hired them to contribute. The vendors should include your photographer, videographer, wedding planner, and any others as this keeps them from eating while standing on the floor, at a crowded closet, or even in their car.  This gesture will be appreciated more than you realize. To do this, place a sign on your seating chart listed Vendor Table, or just simply put a sign on this table, Reserved for Vendors.


The One Don’t for your perfect reception:

Do not make your cocktail hour be longer than an hour!

Cocktail hour is the perfect time for your guests to mingle, find their tables, grab a drink, and prepare for dinner and dancing while you and the wedding party take photos. It becomes stressful for guests to wait long times before you make your grand entrance as the new Mr. and Mrs.!

To move things along and be your photographer’s best friend, have a detailed photo list with names of the people you want photographed together.  This will help make sure everyone is present and ready to go.

Another suggestion we would like to extend, includes taking ‘First Look’ photos with your groom before the wedding, as this ensures that many of your wanted photos are done before the ceremony and are much more intimate.


Do you have more questions for Oakhaven’s team to offer directions to successful, stress-free, and the perfect dream wedding?  Write to our specialist, Elizabeth Hanks at: elizabeth@experienceoakhaven.  She will take your questions and answer them in more of Oakhaven’s future Blogs.


Thank you for reading!

Elizabeth Hanks, Oakhaven’s Blog editor